Pay Equity for Small Business

This three step guide aims to help small businesses address pay equity.

Small Business Worked Examples

This document outlines fictitious worked examples, created to demonstrate the process a small business might undertake in conducting a payroll analysis. Payroll data has been created and does not reflect actual information from any organisation.

Sponsorship: Creating careers opportunities for women in higher education

Australian Research: This 2018 paper from Universities Australia aims to help ensure women have equal access to career enhancing sponsorship opportunities, and to help redress the under representation of women in leadership and executive levels. It can be used for any industry and sector.

Work well; retire well

Australian Research: Findings from the Work, Care, Health and Retirement: "Ageing Agenders" Project 2017.

2016 Catalyst census of fortune 500 women board directors

International Research: This annual Catalyst report provides critical statistics about women’s advancement into leadership, highlighting a lack of gender diversity on most Fortune 500 boards.

Australian institute of superannuation trustees and women in super 2016

Australian Research: A summary report of the presentations and discussions from the 2016 Women's Super Summit.

The CS gender 3000: the reward for change

International Research: This report by Credit Suisse maps 27,000 senior managers at over 3,000 large companies globally. Following on from the original 2014 study, the analysed sample has been increased by several hundred companies.

Workplace Gender and Equality Strategy Project Final Report

Australian Research: The Centre for Workplace Leadership was commissioned by the Department of Employment to examine how organisations can be supported in taking a more sustainable and integrated approach to gender equality.

ASX Corporate Governance Council Principles and Recommendations on Diversity

Australian Research: These Principles and Recommendations set out recommended corporate governance practices for entities listed on the ASX that, in the Council’s view, are likely to achieve good governance outcomes.

AIM Insights: Managing in a flexible work environment

Australian Research: This white paper from the Australian Institute of Management discusses the importance of flexible work arrangements to the modern workforce, and how to meet some of the challenges that managers face in implementing these arrangements.