2015-16 Gender Equality Scorecard

2016-17 Gender Equality Scorecard

Media Release: 2017 data launch

Media Release: 2017-18 Data Scorecard

Media Release: 2015 data launch

Developing a flexible working policy

This briefing note provides guidance on the key features of a flexible working arrangements policy.

Pay Equity for Small Business

This three step guide aims to help small businesses address pay equity.

Small Business Worked Examples

Sponsorship: Creating careers opportunities for women in higher education

Australian Research: This 2018 paper from Universities Australia aims to help ensure women have equal access to career enhancing sponsorship opportunities, and to help redress the under representation of women in leadership and executive levels. It can be used for any industry and sector.

Work well; retire well

Australian Research: Findings from the Work, Care, Health and Retirement: "Ageing Agenders" Project 2017.