Agency Head Gifts and Benefits Register

In the course of my duties as agency head of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, I received the following gifts and/or benefits whose value exceeds the stipulated threshold of $AUD100.00 (excluding GST).

Date received

Date recorded

Gift item/benefit service

Received by (agency contact if not received directly by agency head)

Presented by (giver's name, organisation/country)


Estimated value in $A (wholesale value in country of origin or current market value in Australia)

22 Nov 2019

29 Nov 2019

Ticket to business annual gala dinner

Libby Lyons Director WGEA

AmCham Australia

Annual gala event


6 Dec 2019 11 Dec 2019 Bottle of Champagne

Executive Assistant Director WGEA

Item was raffled to Agency staff with funds collected donated to charity
Qantas, Australia End of Year/Festive season $279
30 Jan 2020 3 April 2020 Ticket to Australian Open Inspirational Series - Women's Semi Final

Libby Lyons Director WGEA

Kate Jenkins, Australian Human Rights Commissioner Libby attended as their guest to Australian Open Women's Semi Final $210