Service Charter


The Service Charter (the Charter) outlines the service standards we are committed to providing to employers and the general public. It provides details on the various service channels we have available for you to contact us, and our availability throughout the reporting programs.

Reporting and review

The Agency’s Annual Report will summarise our adherence to the service standards outlined in the Charter.

The Charter will be periodically reviewed and updated to communicate the various support channels available.  

Our communication channels and opening hours

We have a range of channels for you to communicate with us. Please note that although our office hours are 9.00am and 5.00pm (AEST time) Monday to Friday, we may not service all channels during these hours.

 Online support requests are the most popular support channel for employers and often need to be prioritised over other channels due to the high volume of enquiries received. We will provide phone support where possible to meet the needs of employers and the general public.

The employer’s Reporting Portal contains an informative banner and is often the best place to receive updates on our service offering.

We are not open on NSW public holidays.

Support requests

Written requests for advice and assistance can be made by employers from within WGEA's Reporting Portal, the WGEA website, and via a direct email address.

WGEA Portal

Requests can be created within the 'Requests' tab of the Portal.


Contact can also be made through WGEA's website. The Contact Us page contains a form for all general enquiries and public feedback. This channel is ideal for the general public who do not report data to the Agency or have access to the Portal.


Requests for support for the reporting programs can also be made via email to

All unique requests from any channel are created as a case for action by the Agency. A case number is sent back to the email address entered or nominated to track an enquiry.

The support channel is ideal for request types such as:

  • General enquiries
  • Contact or organisation changes
  • Structure changes for corporate groups
  • Gender Equality Reporting enquiries- Public Sector Reporting enquiries
  • Employer of Choice for Gender Equality enquiries
  • Technical issues

Requests can be lodged at any time and will be directed to the most appropriate team within the Agency to answer your enquiry.


Employers can phone for direct support at certain times throughout the reporting submission period by calling (02) 9432 7000 or 1800 730 233.

We have two phone lines which are managed:

WGEA reception line – please select this line where you have an enquiry that is not related to reporting

WGEA support line – please select this line where you have an enquiry that is related to reporting. If you are unable to get through, please raise a support request and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our service principles

We conduct ourselves in accordance with the Australian Public Service Values and are committed to upholding the Australian Public Service Code of Conduct.

Our commitment to you

  • we will be honest, ethical and professional  
  • We will be helpful and courteous in our dealings with you 
  • We will respond to you as promptly as possible through our support channels 
  • we will respond clearly to requests for information and provide accurate content 
  • we will be transparent about our processes 
  • we will comply with our obligations to you under administrative law such as the Privacy Act and the Freedom of Information Act 
  • we will provide clear and timely information or advice concerning issues relating to gender equality in workplaces, and the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 and how it relates to your organisation 
  • we will refer you to an appropriate contact if we are unable to assist you. 

Our service standards:

  • if providing phone support, we will endeavour to answer your inbound query within 30 minutes. Where the wait time is longer than 60 minutes, we may switch the phones off and recommend lodging a support request, so you are not waiting on hold
  • when offering a call back service, we will call you back within 5 business days, or within 10 business days in peak period.
  • if responding to a written enquiry or a support request, we will provide a response within 5 business days, or within 10 business days in peak period
  • we aim to respond to data requests within ten business days 

If you use the WGEA website or WGEA Portal, you can expect:

  • our contact details to be easy to find
  • our content to be accessible and simple to navigate

Feedback – complaints, suggestions and compliments

Feedback includes complaints, suggestions and compliments, or any other information about our service. 

If providing feedback, please explain the issue clearly and if you have a suggestion as to “a fix” please provide it, as it will greatly assist us in improving our service. All complaints and issues raised will be handled in a fair, confidential and responsive manner. 

Please note that WGEA is currently working on a Customer Feedback Framework within our support channels. This will include an internal and external policy explaining how we manage compliments, complaints and feedback. Further details will be available soon.

Publication details

Document reference WGEA-2021-OP02
Version number 2.2
Released for publication by  Mary Wooldridge
Appointment Workplace Gender Equality Agency Director
Date of publication 22 August 2022