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The end of the year is a busy time for business. Aside from the Christmas parties, leave preparations and tying up loose ends, businesses are getting ready to wrap up 2018 and plan for the year ahead. To help you prepare for the coming year, we have built customised Competitor Analysis Benchmark (CAB) Reports for each reporting organisation.

The CAB Reports are a powerful business intelligence tool, allowing organisations to compare gender equality performance to their competitors. What is even more exciting is that we offer this resource free to you as a thank you for all the work you undertake throughout the reporting period.

Each unique report identifies areas of strength, areas for improvement and a five-year snapshot for you to track performance over time. The CAB report allows you to see where your organisation sits amongst the entire WGEA dataset, organisations within the same industry and a pool of similar structured organisations.

For example, the gender pay gap comparison is a valuable tool to gauge your organisation’s overall performance on gender equality.

To provide you with an accurate picture, we calculate each reporting organisation’s pay gap separately and provide you with your organisation’s rank compared to the mid-point. This helps you see whether your organisation is outperforming or falling behind the bulk of organisations in the comparison pool.

CAB reports are available now. Access your CAB report today and start your 2019 ahead of your competitors.



Example benchmark report gender pay gap
Leveraging CAB reports