Employer Gender Pay Gaps Snapshot

WGEA Snapshot Employer gender pay gap

The WGEA Employer Gender Pay Gaps Snapshot compares employer gender pay gaps by industry, by the proportion of women in leadership, by whether employers operate in a male-dominated, mixed-gender or female-dominated industry and by the size of the employer.

WGEA has published the median gender pay gaps of private sector employers with 100 or more employees, as required by the amendments to the Workplace Gender Equality Act passed in 2023. Publishing employer gender pay gaps aims to help accelerate employer action to close the gender pay gap.

Employers can use the information in this Snapshot to gauge how their gender pay gap compares to other employers nationally and within their industry. WGEA has also noted several trends that resulted in lower gender pay gaps for some employers. These trends can help employers and policymakers identify areas of focus in taking action to reduce the gender pay gap.

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WGEA Employer Gender Pay Gaps Snapshot 2022-23

Where to find the employer gender pay gaps

The WGEA Data Explorer contains all the private sector employer gender pay gaps published on 27 February 2024. 


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