The gender pay gap calculator

WGEA's gender pay gap calculator helps employers to identify gender pay gaps within their organisation.

This analysis is a critical first step towards workplace gender equality. 

Employers who don't believe they have a gender pay gap in their business, may be surprised by the results. 

Careful analysis of the data can highlight potential causes of organisational gender pay gaps. This allows businesses to take more effective action. 

What does the gender pay gap calculator do?

The gender pay gap calculator helps employers to identify:

  • gender representation gaps across the organisation, and by key organisational variables
  • actual gender pay differentials by level, and key organisational variables
  • relative gender pay gaps by level, and key organisational variables

Employers can also analyse their data using variables such as performance, tenure, and state location.

Download the calculator and technical guide

Organisational gender pay gaps

Need to know more about organisational gender pay gaps? Watch the video below. 

How to take action

Need a plan to tackle gender equality in your workplace? This guide will help you to build a business case. 

Obtaining buy-in for workplace gender equality is crucial to the success of your strategy. Find out the best ways to consult with employees. 

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