Key changes to gender equality reporting in 2022

Over the past year, the Agency has been working hard to implement new enhancements to the WGEA Portal, with a particular focus on improving usability and ease of reporting. To help you prepare for gender equality reporting starting 1 April 2022, we have summarised the key changes to the reporting process for you:


When you first arrive at the WGEA Portal, you will notice that you will login through a new Federal Government platform called ‘Digital Identity’. This uses your myGovID to connect to the WGEA Portal.

Submission groups

You will see more prompts across different pages to remind you to confirm your legal hierarchy (for corporate groups only).

In your submission, you will notice that you need to make new nominations in the ‘Confirm details’ section:

  1. Nominated Report Contact – this is the person at your organisation who is the main point of contact for anything related to your WGEA submission.
  2. Nominated CEO – this is the CEO that has overall accountability for your submission.
  3. Nominated ABN – this indicates to us the main ‘reporting ABN’ of your submission.
  4. Nominated Primary ANZSIC (industry) code – – please look at all the organisations within your submission group and select the industry that best represents the main business activity of the organisations within your submission group.
  5. Nominated Other ANZSIC (industry) codes – if relevant, please look at all the organisations within your submission group and select up to two (only) other industries that best represents the main business activities of the organisations within your submission group.


For many questions your questionnaire will automatically be pre-populated with your answers from 2020-21. You will be able leave the prepopulated answers and move on or edit these answers if anything has changed since last year.

You are now able to move back and forward throughout the sections of the questionnaire without having to answer all the questions sequentially. You will need to go back and answer all mandatory questions before you are able to submit your questionnaire response.

The speed of the questionnaire loading, and navigation has also been improved.

Slight wording amendments have been made to some questions to improve clarity, some questions have been made voluntary and some new voluntary questions have been added. 

Download the 2021-22 Questionnaire working document to prepare.

Workforce Management Statistics (WMS)

There are new WMS templates for the 2021-22 gender equality reporting period. We have added an instructions tab to the excel template to assist users with completing this section.  There is now also a limit of three ANZSIC codes (one primary and two other codes) for a submission group.

Download the 2021-22 Workforce Management Statistics working templates to prepare.

Workplace Profile (WPP)

There are new WPP templates for the 2021-22 gender equality reporting period. You will notice a variety of changes in the templates, including:

  • Limit to three ANZSIC codes (one primary and two other codes) for a submission group
  • Renaming of some columns
  • Removal of a few columns
  • Levels to the CEO column is now a voluntary field
  • KMP/HOB manager category is no longer required or available to use

Download the 2021-22 Workplace Profile working templates to prepare.

Data validations

We have made some important changes to significantly improve the data anomaly resolution process for report contacts. The changes include:

  • Where a data anomaly refers to a row, this now accurately reflects the excel row numbers
  • Where a file is rejected, we have added more detailed descriptions to explain why the file was rejected and what needs to be fixed
  • Data anomaly descriptions have been amended for simplicity and clarity


When generating your reports for CEO sign-off, you will notice that the Executive Insights report will be available at the same time as the section summary PDFs.

We have enhanced the end submission processes to provide increased visibility. Report contacts will now receive an email to let them know when their submission has been completed but still needs to be submitted, and a separate email will be sent when a submission has been successfully submitted.


We have improved the communications process with the reporting system providing reminder emails based on dates and key actions.

Knowledge Hub

There has been a review of the Knowledge Hub. Information articles have been updated with changes to this year’s reporting.


Finally, we have reviewed and improved our reporting support team operations to provide more streamlined support aimed at better handling and response to customer support requests.

If you have any questions about these changes to the 2022 WGEA gender equality report, please contact us at