WGEA releases comprehensive gender equality toolkit for businesses

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) has today released Australia’s most comprehensive Gender Equality Strategy Toolkit ('GES Toolkit').

The GES Toolkit will allow Australian businesses to measure their current level of engagement with workplace gender equality. It also provides a blueprint for the implementation and development of gender equality strategies in their workplaces.

WGEA Engagement Executive Manager, Kate Lee, said that the release of the GES Toolkit was an exciting and important step towards workplace gender equality in Australia.

“We know that what gets measured, gets managed. And that is why this resource is so important.

“All Australian organisations and businesses looking to improve gender equality in their workplaces can use this Toolkit. It will guide them through the process of measuring their current engagement with gender equality, and developing and managing gender equality initiatives.”

The GES Toolkit comprises:

  • a strategy guide, which provides instructions and guidance on how best to develop and implement workplace gender equality strategies using an eight-step process, and
  • a diagnostic tool, which allows organisations to “score” their current level of engagement with workplace gender equality

Lee said the GES Toolkit was developed in response to feedback from businesses and organisations across Australia.

“Businesses tell us that they want to improve gender equality in their workplaces, but that they often don’t know where to start,” she said.

“The Toolkit has been specifically designed to respond to this need and to support businesses in their journey towards more equal workplaces.

“This resource will provide businesses with vital guidance and support to get the ball rolling on workplace gender equality, or improve existing gender equality initiatives in their workplace.”

The GES Toolkit is now available to download on the WGEA website.

Media Contact: Murray Black 0438 071 876 / murray.black@wgea.gov.au

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