Working flexibly and COVID19

Workplaces around the world are facing unprecedented conditions as COVID-19 continues to cause disruption. The Australian Government has given clear advice on social distancing, meaning many workplaces are now facing large sections of their workforce, working from home. To maintain the safety of your workers, slow the spread of the virus but also ensure business continuity, your organisation may need to enable workers to work flexibly for an extended period. 

Whilst this situation is extraordinary, working from home and flexible working arrangements are not new concepts and, in fact, are key enablers of achieving workplace gender equality. The Agency has developed comprehensive resources to help you plan and implement these arrangements. 

Some of the resources we’ve included in this toolkit are: 

  1. Types of workplace flexibility – if your organisation can’t conduct business remotely, are there other types of flexible arrangements you can implement to keep workers safe?

  2. Flexibility for managers – good practice for managers in assisting their teams to work flexibly 

  3. Flexibility for employees – identifying flexibility options that will work best for you and how to manage the work/life balance 

  4. Executive briefing on workplace flexibility – how to demonstrate strong commitment to working flexibly. 

You can read the access the full workplace flexibility toolkit here