Gender strategy

What is a gender strategy?

A gender equality strategy outlines the vision for combatting gender inequality in an organisation and holds the organisation accountable by setting measurable objectives for progress. 

A gender equality strategy:

  • outlines a gender equality vision for an organisation
  • links to a business or organisational strategy
  • identifies practical goals
  • includes measurable objectives linked to goals
  • promotes active and inclusive leadership
  • is easy to communicate
  • holds an organisation accountable for its gender equality progress
  • follows a transparent governance process
  • goes beyond gender equality to consider other elements of inclusion, diversity and intersectionality (social stratification linked to class, race, sexual and gender diversity, age, religion, disability etc.)
  • is integrated with all functions and levels of an organisation.

Why should an organisation have a gender strategy?

A strategy provides a foundation for a plan of action to achieve a range of objectives. It provides a blueprint for accountability against measurable objectives – outlining who will execute tasks and by when. A strategy helps to create specific project plans for discrete initiatives, and it can provide detail about how to prioritise actions.

Without a strategy, it is very difficult to gauge whether day-to-day activities and decisions are helping the organisation effectively progress towards the desired end-goal. A gender equality strategy enables organisations to move beyond an ad-hoc (programmatic) approach to gender equality and ensures investment in gender initiatives is targeted. Having a shared understanding of the strategy increases commitment to the initiatives and enables all parts of the organisation to work together towards the achievement of the objectives.

Latest news

Moving towards gender equality in an organisation involves a process of change. To assist organisations in this change-management project, the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (‘WGEA’) launched a new and improved resource: the Gender Equality Strategy Toolkit (‘GES Toolkit’).

Is your workplace interested in hardwiring gender equality into its organisational DNA, but not sure how to get the ball rolling? Or does your workplace have gender equality initiatives in place, but there’s still room for improvement?

Well, we have just the thing you need!