Five days. 50 ideas.

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency has been featured in Apolitical's 'Gender Equality. 5 Days. 50 Ideas.'

This is an exciting initiative designed to deliver bite-sized and inspirational gender equality policy ideas to policymakers across the country.

Agency Director, Libby Lyons, contributed an article for the collection to showcase Australia’s approach to tackling the gender pay gap. In the wake of #MeToo and #TimesUp, closing the gender pay gap and addressing workplace gender equality has become a policy priority for governments around the world, at all levels.

Some countries have chosen to mandate pay transparency and place restrictions on the private sector.

Here in Australia, we have chosen a different path.

Our approach is to work in partnership with employers and walk with them on their journey towards workplace gender equality.

We have also chosen to actively include men in our work. This is because we know that in order to close the gender pay gap and achieve workplace gender equality for women, we must give men the freedom of real choice about how they engage with work and home.

We must strip away the stigma that many men encounter when they choose to be active fathers as well as loyal and engaged workers.

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