Introduction to the WGEA Portal

The new reporting system will make the process of reporting simpler and faster for employers. We will provide detailed information about each of these changes between now and next April. Here is an overview of just some of the changes that we'll be updating you on over the next few months:

Simplification of the reporting process

  • Multiple people will be able to use the system at the same time - Many employers have told us that it would help if you could have more than one person working on different parts of the report at the same time. So now you can! Multiple users will now be able to work on the Questionnaire, Workforce Management Statistics and Workplace Profile file uploads making the reporting process faster and more efficient.
  • Fewer manual calculations - You told us that you would like the system to be as automated as possible, so we've created new file templates that will do some of the calculations for you and notify you of data error sooner.
  • Help when and where you need it - The Portal will have online self-service options so you can submit a support request or live chat with Agency staff. We're also introducing a Knowledge Hub, containing guidance material for all stages of the reporting process.

Changes and improvements to the data collection process

There will be some changes to how the Agency collects data from reporting organisations. We will provide more on these changes as our updates continue, but some of the changes include:

  • Data on promotions, appointments and resignations will no longer be part of the Questionnaire. You will now provide this data in a new file called Workforce Management Statistics excel template that will make compiling this data faster.
  • Introduction of a new Head of Business Manager category to allow organisations to better classify managers in group structures.
  • Introducing a broader range of occupation categories.

As these changes are ongoing, we will keep you updated at every step of the process. And the first step... we are giving you a sneak preview of what the new portal design will look like.