WGEA will publish employer gender pay gaps on 27 February 2024

Men and women standing on coin stacks

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency will publish the gender pay gaps for every Australian employer with 100 or more employees on 27 February 2024.

Employer gender pay gaps will be available on individual employer pages on WGEA’s Data Explorer. This platform has been recently updated and is a great tool for deeper insights into gender equality performance and outcomes and comparing results across employers and industries.

WGEA will be publishing employer gender pay gaps by median as well as the gender composition and average remuneration per pay quartile. To learn more about what WGEA is publishing, see WGEA’s webpage Publishing employer gender pay gaps | WGEA

Each employer will have the opportunity to provide an Employer Statement that gives context to their gender pay gap results. The link to the Employer Statement will be displayed alongside each employer’s gender pay gap on the WGEA Data Explorer. WGEA has developed a Gender Pay Gap Employer Statement Guide to help employers craft and prepare their Statements. Reporting contacts will find step-by-step instructions for how to upload a link to their Statement once they have logged into the WGEA Reporting Portal.

Publishing employer gender pay gaps is a critical part of legislative action aimed to close the gender pay gap. In 2023, the WGEA average total remuneration gender pay gap was 21.7%. This means that women in Australia are earning, on average, $26,393 less than men a year. For more information on the organisational drivers of the gender pay gap and employer actions that can create meaningful change, see our Take Action website page.

For any other questions, you can reach out to WGEA at support@wgea.gov.au.