Find our research and publications to learn more about gender equality works and why it’s important.

The 2022 Commonwealth Public Sector Gender Equality Snapshot is the first look at WGEA reporting of gender equality in the public sector.

Find out how Australia progressed in relation to the gender equality indicators during 2020-2022.

See the key findings from the latest reporting period in gender segregation, pay gaps, women in leadership and more.

We could reduce Australia’s gender pay gap by a third with improved gender balance across all industries.

Progress on closing the gender gap in Australia has stalled.

Wages and Ages: Mapping the Gender Pay Gap by Age breaks down WGEA's Employer Census data by age to find trends that impact workplace gender equality. 

Gari Yala provides a deeper understanding of the intersection of gender and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander identity in the Australian workplace.

The Business Council of Australia, McKinsey & Company and the Workplace Gender Equality Agency teamed up to undertake a study using three years of WGEA data and more than 40 interviews. The result, Women in Leadership: Lessons from Australian companies leading the way, provides an evidence-based recipe for dismantling barriers to women’s participation at senior levels and a correlation between representation of women in senior roles and the practice of normalising flexible work.

This paper explores how workplace negotiation contributes to gender inequality and what organisations and individuals can do to improve outcomes.

This paper explores the different parental leave policies available in OECD countries and offers suggestions for increasing the share of men using parental leave.

This paper explores the link between the unequal distribution of caring work between women and men and the unequal labour market outcomes.