After submission

After submission, employers must complete the following requirements:

  1. Notification and access requirements
  2. The CEO/equivalent presents the Executive Summary (or summaries) and Industry Benchmark Report(s) to the relevant governing body at the end of the year
  3. Employers with 500 or more employees must meet a Gender Equality Standard

All submissions are given 28 days to make any edits or updates to their submission.

  • Submissions cannot be edited after the 28 day hold period has ended.

WGEA analyses and publishes employer data in November each year. Included in this release are the following gender pay gap figures:

  1. Median base salary 
  2. Median total remuneration 
  3. Average base salary (starting from the 2023-24) reporting program)
  4. Average total remuneration (starting from the 2023-24 reporting program)

Note: From the 2023-24 reporting program onwards, figures will be published for both "corporate groups" and subsidiary companies (i.e. companies within a corporate group with an individual ABN).