Policy and frameworks

WGEA’s privacy policy

Personal information is protected by law, including the Privacy Act and the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs).

In line with relevant privacy legislation, the Agency has a privacy policy which contains information about

our information handling practices, including:

  • collection of personal information
  • disclosure and sharing of information
  • storage, security and access to personal information
  • how an individual can request access to or correction of their personal information held by the Agency; and
  • how to make a privacy complaint.

For more detail, refer to the Agency’s Privacy Policy .

Other data and information management policies and framework

The Agency's other data and information management policies, protocols and governance framework, can be found in full on our website, including:

  • Data management policies - This policy refers to all data collected by the Agency under the WGE Act that is not deemed to be personal information. It also includes data held in support of the production of the Agency’s reports e.g. Australian Bureau of Statistics data. It excludes data relating to the Agency’s administrative functions e.g. financial or human resource data
  • WGEA - Data Governance Frameworkthis outlines the Agency’s commitment to managing the data it holds with care and robust, best practice data management policies; from collection and storage to analysis and promotion.
  • Protocol on sharing reporting data
  • Data Quality Declaration