Finishing the submission

To finish the submission, each section must be completed without recording any unresolved data quality issues.

Then, the CEO or Agency/Department head, or equivalent (or a delegate) must review and approve the documents generated from the WGEA Portal

When approved, the declarations and consent section must be completed on the submission homepage in the Portal, after which the report can be submitted.

Confirm CEO or Agency/Department head approval

The CEO or Agency/Department head of the organisation is responsible for signing the submission. Your CEO or Agency/Department head can authorise an SES Band 3 or SES Band 2 responsible for people to sign-off on the submission, if they are unavailable and their unavailability will result in the submission not being lodged on time.

Each section must be 'complete' before documents for review/approval can be successfully generated. The documents are generated from the submission home page (below the sections of the report that have been completed). The documents will generate in the 'Data and Insights' tab of the portal under 'Reports' after approximately 5-10 minutes or up to 1 hour in peak periods. The Executive Summary can take up to 1-12 hours to generate during the last week of submissions.

The following reports should be generated:

  • Questionnaire – Public Report: Lists the mandatory questions and answers provided in the questionnaire section.
  • Questionnaire – Confidential: Lists the mandatory and voluntary questions and answers provided in this section of the submission.
  • Workforce Management Statistics – Public Report: Details the employee movements in a data table that was reported in this section of the submission.
  • Workplace Profile – Public Report: Information on the composition of the employee base reported in this section of the submission.
  • Workplace Profile – Confidential: Adds to the public version by including salary and remuneration averages for female and male employees used to calculate gender pay gaps.
  • Executive Summary: Summary of the entire submission, contains an organisation-wide gender pay gap figure calculated from the submitted data.

The CEO or Agency/Department head (or equivalent, or a delegate) must review the documents generated and approve and sign the Submission Approval form for the submission to be finalised in the WGEA Portal. 

Complete declarations/consents and submit

When your CEO or equivalent has signed the submission approval form you can return to the Portal.

To submit your annual report you must:

  • Declare any information you have divulged in the Questionnaire free text responses that may have any privacy impacts or considerations
  • Declare that the data provided by you on behalf of your employer is accurate and correct

When the declarations are complete press submit, the Portal user will receive a confirmation email of a successful submission.

  • You will have 28 days to make any edits or changes to your submission.
  • If you re-enter a section and make any edits to an uploaded file or answer you will reopen your report - you must resubmit when you have completed your edits.
  • If resubmission is not made the Agency will publish the original submitted data without any unsubmitted edits.