Completing the submission

You will need to complete the following major steps to submit your annual report:

  1. Confirm the details of the organisation(s) and contacts in this submission.
  2. Complete the Questionnaire
  3. Upload a Workforce Statistics sheet for each ABN in the submission
  4. Complete the Workplace Profile section
  5. Pass any data quality checks on your uploaded files
  6. Generate your reporting documents
  7. Have your CEO or equivalent review and sign-off
  8. Submit 
  9. Complete the Notification and Access requirements

Please note that all submissions are given 28 days to make any edits or updates to their submission if the data was submitted before the due date.

  • We cannot guarantee the full editing period if a submission is made after the due date.
  • Submissions cannot be edited once the editing period has passed and/or a compliance certificate has been issued.

Key information

To access the full WGEA Portal and submit data, the person completing the report must have a Digital Identity (such as a myGovID).  The credential will need to be authorised to represent their employer for WGEA reporting, via Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM).

Before a submission can be started, you must ensure that your contact and organisation details are up to date. Information recorded by WGEA can be viewed and changed by clicking on the ‘Organisation’ tab from the portal homepage.

The Questionnaire forms one of three major components of the report you will be submitting to the Agency. It is an online survey related to your organisation’s policies, strategies, and actions on gender equality.

The Workforce Management Statistics (WMS) is an Excel worksheet designed to collect information about employee movements, including appointments, promotions, resignations, and parental leave.

The Workplace Profile is an Excel worksheet designed to collect information about workforce composition, base salaries, and total remuneration.

Refer to this page for advice on completing (in both profile types) columns A-K: employee ID, employing ABN, occupation code, manager category, gender, graduate/apprentice status, employment status and type, year of birth, postcode, and industry.

There are only two cells to complete for each employee’s salary and remuneration information for the unit level file – Base Salary and Total Remuneration. Both figures must be provided as the annualised and full-time equivalent amounts.

The STP/Payroll file is designed for users with a sound knowledge of different payment types and terms relating to the way in which they are paid. For each employee you must provide their income in component parts, provide an ordinary hours figure and a start date.

To finish the Gender Equality Report you must generate PDF documents for you, and your leaderships, review and approval. This step occurs when each section has been completed in the Portal without recording any unresolved data quality issues.