5. Steps to complete a report

Before starting, report contacts can review the templates (Questionnaire, Workplace Profile, and Workforce Management Statistics sheet) to provide them, their team and/or leadership with a summary or overview of the reporting process and the mandatory data required. 

Below are the templates for the 2023 submission period (1 September to 31 October).

  • The Questionnaire word version is for working purposes, it is not uploaded. Report contacts will complete the questionnaire in a webform in the Portal.
  • If the APSC is transferring data on an employer’s behalf, the report contact will need to complete the Questionnaire and the WMS partial excel spreadsheet.
  • If the employer is not using APSC transfer, choose one type of workplace profile to complete – we recommend using the unit level file in the first instance as it is the default file for all users.

After receiving feedback, we have created a duplicate version of the Questionnaire where the entire document contains unique question numbers (to simply the process of distribution and completion tracking where multiple parties are involved to answer the questionnaire) - this version can be downloaded below.


Follow the steps below to complete the Public Sector reporting program.