Eligible employers can register with WGEA when visiting the online Portal for the first time.

  1. Visit the WGEA Portaand select ‘Register’.
  2. Select either ‘register as a standalone’ or ‘register as a corporate group’ depending on the structure of your organisation(s).
  3. The registration form can now be completed
  4. Review the information provided and submit your registration form.

Information required

To register, an employer will need to provide the following information for each employing organisation:

  1. ABN details
  2. Name and contact details of the primary reporting contact
  3. Name and contact details of the CEO (or equivalent)
  4. Postal and physical address
  5. Employee count
  6. Not for profit status

Corporate groups also provide:

  1. Details of the ultimate parent (whether domestic or global, employing, or non-employing)
  2. The above list of details for each employing entity in the corporate structure

Australian Business Register integration

The WGEA Portal has direct integration with the Australian Business Register (ABR) which means that an organisation's ABN data will be pulled directly from ABR records. Some fields are then auto populated into the registration form..

  • If changes are required, such as to the address or industry information, please raise a support request from within the portal
  • ABN and legal name details are unable to be edited, if changes occur to this information, please lodge a support request to change company structure or legal information

What comes next?

After the application to register has been submitted, an Agency staff member will review and process the registration request.

  • Based on the information provided, an employer may be enrolled in a relevant program.
  • An email and official letter advising an employer of the outcome of a registration request, or if we require further information to assess eligibility, is sent to the email addresses listed on the form.
  • Once successfully registered, the primary reporting contact listed will receive notifications and updates regarding Gender Equality Reporting and any upcoming submission.