Preparing to report

Before starting, report contacts can review the templates (Questionnaire, Workplace Profile, and Workforce Management Statistics sheet) to provide them, their team and/or leadership with a summary or overview of the reporting process and the mandatory data required. 

Below are the templates to prepare data for your report submission. The period to submit the 2023-24 Gender Equality Report is 1 April to 31 May 2024. 

  • The Questionnaire word version is for working purposes, it is not uploaded. You will complete the Questionnaire in a webform in the Portal.
  • Choose one type of Workplace Profile to complete – we recommend you use the Unit Level file in the first instance as it is the default file for all users
  • For each ABN reported, you will need to complete a Workforce Management Statistics for each entity.
  • If your organisation is a partnership (with equity and non-equity partners) - use the partnerships version of the worksheet in the list below.

Submission templates

Use the templates to prepare data for your 2023-24 submission.

2023-24 Submission Approval Form (PDF, 126.53 KB)

Your organisation’s CEO (or equivalent) must sign this form in order for you to finalise your submission in the WGEA Portal. WGEA does not require physical evidence of the CEO’s signature to be uploaded.