Preparing to report

Before starting, report contacts can review the templates (Questionnaire, Workplace Profile, and Workforce Management Statistics sheet) to provide them, their team, and/or leadership with a summary or overview of the reporting process and the mandatory data required. 

Below are the templates for the 2023 submission period (1 April to 31 May).

  • The Questionnaire word version is for working purposes, it is not uploaded. You will complete the Questionnaire in a webform in the Portal.
  • Choose one type of Workplace Profile to complete – we recommend you use the Unit Level file in the first instance as it is the default file for all users.
  • If your organisation is a partnership (with equity and non-equity partners) use the partnerships Workforce Management Statistics sheet.

Submission templates

Use the templates to prepare data for your 2022-23 submission.

Note: these templates are for overdue employers reporting for the 2022-23 reporting year.
Templates for 2024 will be updated here by the end of February.