A partnership organisation is a structure made up of 2 or more people who distribute income or losses between themselves. This includes:

  • General partnerships
  • Limited partnerships
  • Incorporated limited partnerships


Partnership organisations must identify themselves as such at registration or when confirming details to start a submission.

  • The registration form will identify your organisation as a partnership if the entity type associated with your ABN on the Australian Business Register is a type of partnership.
  • You can also manually select ‘Yes’ to the question ‘Is this organisation a partnership and/or are there partners in its governing body?’ when you confirm details at the start of a submission

This will ensure that the platform expects a partnership version of the Workforce Management Statistics to be submitted for this organisation. The partnership version contains an additional question on the composition of your equity and non-equity managers.

Submitting data

Overview of where partners are included in this report:

  Partners without an employment contract Partners with an employment contract
Eligibility (headcount) No, not part of headcount Yes, part of headcount
Questionnaire - governing bodies section Yes, reported if part of governing body Yes, reported if part of governing body
Questionnaire - paid parental leave utilisation No, not reported Yes*
Workforce Statistics - Question 1-7 No, not reported Yes*
Workforce Statistics - Question 8 Yes, reported Yes
Workplace Profile No, not reported Yes*

*Partners with an employment contract are reported as per their employed role, not in reference to their partnership role or any fees or payments associated with that partnership role or agreement.

  • Managing Partners who are CEO/equivalents must have remuneration data reported as if they held an employment contract.

When an organisation has been identified as a partnership:

  • You will answer an additional question in the Workforce Management Statistics sheet relating to the number of equity and non-equity partners
  • You should include employed partners in the workplace profile data you submit to the Agency as they are employees, categorise and report payments that only relate to their employed position.

If your partnership structure is covered under the Act, you must report on:

  • the number and gender composition of any partners sitting on governing bodies in the questionnaire.
  • the number and gender composition of full-equity partners and non-equity partners who are on partnership terms and agreements (no salary) in the workforce statistics 
  • full- or part-salaried partners in the workplace profile (as their salaried position) and the managing partner, as CEO, in the workplace profile