3. Registration

Eligible public sector employers can register with WGEA when visiting the online Portal for the first time.

  1. Visit the WGEA Portal (https://client-portal.wgea.gov.au/s/) and select ‘Register’
  2. All public sector employers should select ‘I am a standalone organisation’
  3. The registration form can now be completed

3.1 Information required

To register, an employer will need to provide the following information for each employing organisation:

  1. ABN details
  2. Name and contact details of the reporting primary contact
  3. Name and contact details of the CEO or Agency/Department head (or equivalent)
  4. Postal and physical address
  5. Employee count
  6. Not for profit status

3.2 Additional information for public sector registrations

The Agency has worked with the Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) to facilitate sharing of workforce data already collected with a public sector employer’s permission.

  • Commonwealth public sector organisations that employ staff under the Public Service Act 1999 may have the option to have data for the two excel sheets shared by the APSC
  • The data transfer covers all the Workplace Profile sections, and questions 1-4 of the Workforce management statistics sheet
  • For more information on completing these two sections of the report, please see the relevant sections of this guide using the side navigation.

Public sector employers will answer three additional questions which determine how they will be set up to report on the WGEA platform.

  • It is critical that public sector employers who register with WGEA to report select ‘Yes’ to the option ‘Are you a public sector organisation?’ on the registration webform.
When registering your details you will need to select 'yes' to 'are you a public sector organisation?'
  • To initiate the data transfer process from the APSC (where applicable) please select ‘Yes’ to the ‘WPP Bulk Upload?’ and ‘WMS Partial Bulk Upload?’ options on the registration form
You must select yes to the bulk upload options if you are participating in the data transfer from the APSC
  • A public sector employer’s report will show as being 'complete' when the data transfer has taken place and the employer has completed the full questionnaire and questions 5-7 of the Workforce Management Statistics section (without any issues).

Please note that WGEA does not prepare or directly handle a public sector employer’s transferred data. For any issues or inconsistencies with the transferred data please reach out to the APSC.

3.3 Australian Business Register integration

The WGEA Portal has direct integration with the Australian Business Register (ABR) which means that an organisation's ABN data will be pulled directly from ABR records. Some fields are then auto populated into the registration form.

  • If changes are required, such as to the address information, please raise a support request from within the portal.
  • ABN and legal name details are unable to be edited, if changes occur to this information, please lodge a support request to change company structure or legal information.

3.4 What comes next?

After the application to register has been submitted, an Agency staff member will review and process the registration request.

  • Based on the information provided, an employer may be enrolled in a relevant program.
  • An email and official letter advising an employer of the outcome of a registration request, or if we require further information to assess eligibility, is sent to the email addresses of the report contact and the CEO, or Department/Agency Head or equivalent listed on the form.

The report contact listed will receive notifications and updates regarding gender equality reporting and any upcoming submission if an employer is enrolled into a reporting program.