4. Login access

To access the full WGEA Portal and submit data, the person completing the report must have a Digital Identity (such as a myGovID).  The credential will need to be authorised to represent their employer for WGEA reporting, via Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM).

The person who will access the Portal to submit data will first need to establish their Digital Identity:

They will then need to have their credential authorised by an administrator within their organisation:

Please note that these resources are an educational channel on the Digital Identity program and system – it is not intended to be a support channel.

WGEA cannot assist or resolve any issues with the setup and authorisation of a Digital Identity credential (such as myGovID).

4.1 Resolving issues with a Digital Identity

Employers are responsible for maintaining the integrity of their business records and authorised users. Unfortunately, due to privacy laws, WGEA staff are unable to assist in identifying who the principal authority or authorisation administrator is for an employer.

Please notify our Agency in a support request if the error on screen specifically states to contact WGEA or contains the phrase 'force.com error'.