Gender equality diagnostic tool

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency’s (‘WGEA’ or ‘Agency’) Gender Equality Diagnostic Tool (Diagnostic Tool) helps you to analyse the status of gender equality and pinpoint gender equality gaps within your organisation. It can be used with the Gender Equality Strategy Guide (the Guide) to assist with the development of a strategy for addressing inequalities. You can use this tool before you develop your overarching strategy or as part of a regular review process.

The diagnostic process involves answering ‘yes’/’no’ questions in 17 gender equality focus areas and accumulating an overall score which indicates where your organisation falls between ‘meeting minimum requirements’ and ‘leading practice’ in addressing gender equality.

Do not feel overwhelmed if you cannot initially answer ‘yes’ to all of the questions in each gender equality focus area. Draw on your results to identify an appropriate number of areas to prioritise for action.

Your gender equality strategy and then accompanying goals and objectives will evolve over time, so no matter where your organisation is in the process, you can periodically return to this diagnostic tool to review your progress.

View the full Gender Equality Diagnostic Tool 

Use your results to build a gender equality strategy

We suggest you use the companion Guide (below) to help you develop a gender equality strategy that is relevant to your organisation. You can use the results from this Diagnostic Tool to help inform your gender equality strategy.

Every organisation and industry has its unique challenges when it comes to gender equality. At times, you may need to use your judgement to adapt this tool to suit your specific circumstances.

Gender equality focus areas