Submission groups

What is a submission group?

A change that many organisations told us they wanted to see in our new system was a simpler way for corporate groups/structures to submit their compliance report. Previously, group reporting required organisations belong to the same ANZSIC (industry) division - this is no longer the case. In the new system, reporting as one submission group will make submitting a compliance report simpler and reduce the workload across the corporate group. Creating a submission group allows your corporate structure to submit data to the Agency through a single group report or to set up multiple reports.  

Submission groups are a great way for corporate groups to organise their submissions. There are several key benefits, including: 

  • Streamlined. It reduces the workload across the corporate group. For example, in the Compliance Reporting Program, a submission group will only have to fill out one questionnaire rather than one per organisation.
  • Practical. It allows organisations to configure their groups to reflect how their organisations operate in their day-to-day practice.
  • Insightful. It makes benchmarking against your peers within your corporate group more detailed and provides greater insights on areas of improvement and progress.

Can our organisation form a submission group? 

Previously, group reporting required organisations had to belong to the same ANZSIC (industry) division  - this is no longer the case. An organisation can form part of a submission group if: 

  • they are part of one corporate structure 
  • they are enrolled to the program
  • they have similar policies and strategies
  • the roles and responsibilities of managers of the organisations are similar. 

When do I create our submission groups?

Corporate groups that are registered to report to WGEA will be prompted to create their submission groups when they log in to report in 2021.

Nominating a submission group leader 

The ultimate parent or level one subsidiary has to nominate submission groups (e.g. which organisations are part of the group) as well as who has the delegated authority to sign the report on behalf of all these grouped organisations. 

This will involve selecting a nominated CEO or head of business and a report contact as the main representatives of the submission group. This does not, however, preclude other submission group members to contribute to the any submission processes - for example completing the Compliance Report submission. 

The nominated CEO should be either: 

  • the Head of Business of the division or a business line, if the submission group represents a corporate group’s division or a business line or there is a natural Head of Business for all the grouped subsidiaries, or 
  • the most senior Head of Business of the subsidiaries, if there is no natural Head of Business for all the grouped subsidiaries, or 
  • Ultimate parent’s CEO.

Who can create and make edits to submission groups?

Only ultimate parents and level one subsidiaries have the ability to create and edit submission groups for their corporate structure. Subsidiary organisations within a submission group will only have the ability to view the submission group they are a part of. Subsidiary organisations that are not included in the submission group will receive a notification to contact their parent organisation should they wish to be included in a submission group.

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