4.2 Do I need my CEO’s signature?

The CEO’s signature is not required to submit your report online to the Agency. Instead, in ‘Step five’ of your report in the WGEA portal, the organisation’s report contact must enter the CEO’s name in the field provided, to confirm that the CEO has read, approved and authorised the submission of the report.

Once a relevant employer submits and downloads a copy of its report, the CEO (or equivalent) needs to either sign the public and confidential versions of the report, or authorise their electronic signature to be added to the report. (An acting CEO of the relevant employer is also able to sign the confidential and public versions of the report.) 

The signed public report is the document the employer is required to make available to its employees and shareholders or members. A copy of this signed version does not need to be sent to the Agency.

We recommend you download and keep a hard copy of the public and confidential reports signed by the CEO for record-keeping purposes.