New home for employers’ data

Today, alongside the launch of WGEA’s fifth year of data, we have also launched a brand new way for you to explore WGEA’s archives of individual employers’ data. The WGEA Data Explorer has been updated and is now a one-stop shop for all public data collected by the Agency.

data explorer

The new functionality of the Data Explorer allows all users to search for data specifically from individual employers. However, the Data Explorer only displays information that was already readily available on the WGEA website under Public Reports.

data explorer

Through the Data Explorer, employers’ public data is now easier to access and understand, with interactive tabs and graphs for each gender equality indicator.

It is the first time in WGEA’s history that employers’ data is accessible in this format and visualised through comprehensive graphs, comparing the employers’ public data with its industry’s data.

This world-leading resource now features four options to visualise and explore WGEA’s dataset, covering over 4 million employees across Australia: 

  • ‘Overview’ section: see how each industry is performing, visualised by a scatterplot of all industries.
  • ‘Industries’ section: drill down into the gender equality indicators for a particular industry, with the option to focus down into industry segments.
  • ‘Organisations’ section: search an organisation’s public report with new, easy to understand graphs for each data point.
  • ‘Comparison’ section: compare the performance of two industry segments side-by-side.

Navigate the updated Data Explorer today to view the five-year data picture of gender equality in Australian workplaces, or download the 2017-18 gender equality scorecard.