Equal Pay Day: Looking back, looking forward

We recap on Equal Pay Day 2021 and help you work out your next steps towards gender equality

How did you mark Equal Pay Day this year? Here at WGEA it’s a bittersweet occasion – the gender pay gap actually went up this year but Equal Pay Day is a great opportunity to raise awareness of the issues and solutions.

It was also an opportunity for our new Director, Mary Wooldridge, to talk about her background and vision for the Agency over the next five years.

In case you missed it…

Equal Pay Day received widespread coverage in the media, in print, online and on radio and podcasts.

Support on social

Our EOCGE citation holders and Pay Equality Ambassadors, as well as other organisations and individuals, helped us spread the word, with the #EqualPayDay hashtag trending on Twitter for much of the day. Thank you for sharing your stories, commenting and liking our posts and helping us ensure the conversations around gender equality keep happening.

    Support on social media from our EOCGE citation holders, Pay Equity Ambassadors and peers

    Screenshot of LinkedIn post sharing Equal Pay Day content
    Screenshot of LinkedIn post sharing Equal Pay Day content
    Screenshot of social media post about EPD 2021

    Ready to take action?

    If Equal Pay Day has inspired you to take action on your gender pay gap, our resources and tools can help you plan and execute your next steps:

    • Dig deeper into the gender pay gap - what is it and how can it be addressed?
    • Gender Pay Gap Calculator
    • What does our data tell you about your organisation within you industry? Our Data Explorer can help you understand more about your sector and competitors and their gender equality performance